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Writer Info

If you're a writer looking for a workshop, or a reader who'd like to help out writers by giving constructive feedback, check out Francis Ford Coppola's: Zoetrope Virtual Studio. There is a list of other workshops posted here: Writer WorkshopsForums / Communities.

I have some info on writer's block listed here: Sample Info From The Illusive Muse.

Whoosh Story Trains

Can You Survive The House of Whoosher? Find out, if you dare.

Welcome to Merry Land: where locals are bait, and tourists are prey.

Join the continuing saga of: As The Scrolls Unroll - [Prequel: The Zena Scrolls]

My Bio

I'm only 4 foot 8-1/2 inches tall . . .

I have a scream that can stand your hair on end and send cold chills up & down your spine. (Been used in Haunted Houses on occasion.)

I'm clumsy... and like Joxer, I trip over my own two feet. I have been known to trip UP a flight of stairs as well as down them.

So... hey Joxer.... how set are you on ole Meg there? Don't you think our names would look better on a wedding cake? Joxer & Meg just don't say music to my ears! Now... Joxer & Joxcenia..... rotflmbo

***Used the alias:
Gabby's Soul Pot over on the SUSA boards. I posted mostly to this thread:

Xena: Warrior Pot

Through Xena: Warrior Princess, I found my way to Oxygen's Xena Board, and when it shut down we O2ers moved to Kym Taborn's - Whoosh! Forum, where I ended up as an Admin. Later on I started my own forum to get a workshop going: The Illusive Muse.

I go by Joxcenia, Joxcee, Mini-Mia, Henrietta "India Ana" Jones, Heddy Hopper, and ChelSierra or ChelSierra Remly.

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